Sanpomichi Continues!

It’s been almost two months since our Kickstarter ended successfully. It was an incredible, scary process - and thanks to our 103 supporters we are able to fund the continuation of the film!

In September we all traveled to Japan together - wandered the streets of Tokyo, experienced a typhoon, ate okonomiyaki with Yumi, paid our respects to Hiroko, toured the temples in Kyoto, worshipped the Tanuki and burnt our mouths on homemade takoyaki. It was an amazing trip.

Since then we’ve been fairly quiet, but for good reason! The script is almost final and we’ll begin building puppets very soon. Seriously, there are some amazing shots. This film will be a huge challenge to pull off, but it will be so worth it, and we can’t wait to share it with the world.

Thank you everyone!
xoxo Mari, Brianna, Tony, & Brody.